Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday :)

So after a long long time I'm here again...
where have I been? Well I was sitting at home and resting because I streched my tendon and it was really irritating how I couldn't do anything only lying on my bed and waiting for my leg to be better.
I also had b-day two days ago and guess what? I will post my presents and some more photos :) because I haven't been here for a while.

And if you're asking how did I hurt myself it's easy. We went for a trip ...climbing...well I love climbing so it was amazing and on the way down I made a bed step on a straight part of our that's why I couldn't do anything for last two weeks but know have some photos.
my birth-day cake :)

me in my prom dress :)

my birth-day presents from Sayu my good friend from Bratislava :)
and presents which my boyfriend gave me :)
well I guess that's all for today and I hope I will put here more interesting article soon :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Glad you came

So after long time I decided to make a cover...
okay it's kinda embarrassing to sing pop song when I usually sing different stuff.
But I really enjoyed this one. So I hope you will also enjoy it.
Well I hope I will make more covers during my summer break you have.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nikon D3100

So maybe soon I will add new photos with really quality camera...
Because my stepfather really wanted a camera...and I couldn't say no to this one...
isn't it amazing?
I bet that both of my photographers are already looking forward to it :)
So maybe tomorrow if the weather won't be so bad I will go and bother nature for a while.
That's all of me because I'm absurdly tired...
so have a nice evening minna-san :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This love, This hate

Rainy evening to everyone. :)
We have storm right now. So I can't study at all and I decided to use this time for you...
I recorded sample of my cover even though I think I will never finish it because this song is too hard...
but still my love for it is so strong.

And this time you have my singing with my bothersome talking...seriously...I hope you will enjoy it...
and also I hope it's not hard to understand because people have problem to understand me in Slovak language too.

And here you have :)
I hope in the short time I will publish more "useful" articles :D

Have a nice day :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Masochism is a valuable job skill.

Well, so I'm staying at home another day.
My class is on a school trip so I have another amazing day-off.
It was really needed because I'm too tired recently, thanks to school.
But to be honest...I'm overworking myself more than at school...
...studying Japanese
....English Listening
....French translations
and so many things to do  but the day is as always too short for doing anything.

And also today I'm really oversenstive.
Do you know that feeling when you remember something? And just feel so empty inside?
Yesterday...or when it was...I remember my old friends...
And I realized how much I miss them...
but still I can do nothing with it because they're far away right now.

I somehow feel like I'm trapped in my past....
I wouldn't mind...
but I wish to people who are important to me ...stay there with me :)
Well that's all of my today's complaining...have a nice day. I guess I'm going for a walk outside even though I'm sick...
bu there's too nice weather not to use it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Language Flower

Saying hello after a long time.
Did you miss me?
Well I had really a busy weekend so I didn't have time for anything.
Especially I overslept at my boyfriend's place so there was no chance to bother internet by my existence.

Also we had our performance last friday.
It was amazing and I really enjoyed recitation of my poem.
I recited it for three times...but I when the third time came I wasn't nervous at all.
Even though when my class was watching the second performance I can swear that they could have seen how much I was trembling.
But that doesn't matter...look what was our sweet reward!
It tasted amazing.Topping was marzipan and it was so yummy!

This week I also had an important task.
It was yesterday when our Englished teacher asked us...if we want her to continue being our teacher...or we want to have someone else... was up to me inform her about our attitude to it...and it was hard to say it gently.
But I did it.
Well now I'm going to sleep. I'm staying at home tomorrow because I'm sick and also I don't have school at thursday and friday because they're on a school trip.
Three day-off. Such a a beautiful week!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inside by Ayra Kirosaku

Good afternoon my beloved readers :)
What will I bring you today?
No, it won't be some deep (or maybe not that deep) reflection.
This time it's my poem.
I won 2nd place in own creation in Slovakia.
I really put my heart into this one and mayb it will be a little bit depressive but what can I say...
that's me...if you look at me properly you can see that "black" aura all around me :D
I know that my reciting could be better but I was trying my best :) and I should work on my facial expressions :D